1. Publication of Special Issues
  2. Language editing services
  3. Organize fast-track review forums

Publication of Special Issues: A Special Issue may have a maximum of 10 full manuscripts. Each manuscript should have no more than 5,000 words including abstract. Manuscripts submitted for a Special Issue should follow the same provisions for regular original manuscripts (refer to ‘Author guide’). Each submission will go through a fast-tracked peer review process. Acceptance of submissions for publication depends on favorable consideration and feedback from at least two reviewers.

The journal seeks to publish focused, coherent thematic volumes that will be of lasting use to the community, well cited, and of the highest quality. The Editor-in-Chief welcomes such proposals for themed Special Issues that are within the scope of the journal. Potential guest editor(s) who would like to propose a thematic Special Issue are invited to prepare a proposal and then contact the journal office. The ‘Outline of the proposal’ form can be found in this section. The journal office will share the proposal with the Editors of the journal. The Editors will review the proposal and advise of their interest. All proposals will be thoroughly considered, however please note that the Editor-in-Chief may ask for modifications to any proposal or reserve the right to decline a proposal. If the final proposal is accepted, a Special Issue information sheet must be completed and returned to the prospective guest editor.

Unlike regular issues, publication of a Special Issue is 6,000 USD for non-Ethiopians, and 120,000 ETB for Ethiopians. In addition to online publication, clients will receive 50 hard copies if requested of the Special Issue, and the review process will be fast-tracked by one of Editors.

Language editing services: The journal is prepared to provide language edition service to improve the quality of papers based on requests from authors. The language editing can imply a separate fee.

Fast-track review: The journal team is happy to organize fast-track review processes based on demands from authors or sponsors. Based on our experiences of publishing Special Issues, the journal team can utilize a team of reviewers to review papers within a defined number of days to make a decision on the next step. This service depends on changing prices of logistics and professional fees for those involved.