Editorial policy 

The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development is an interdisciplinary platform that publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts in a range of public health field. It is an academic, policy and program resource contributing to the well being of the public and public health development agendas.

The Journal publishes analytical, descriptive and methodological articles in the broad areas of public health. More specifically, the Journal gives prominence to infectious, communicable and non-communicable diseases and injuries; health determinants such as social and cultural determinants of health, climate change, urbanization and industrialization. Clinical researchesshowing public health relevance of the findings are given attention by the journal.

Ethiopian Journal of health development is managed and run by School of Public Health of Addis Ababa University and the Ethiopian Public Health Association. The Journal publishes Original manuscripts, Reviews, Brief communications/Case studies/Commentaries on public health issues, Special issues and Editorial. Manuscripts generally pass through blind peer-review processes to be considered for publication. The journal maintains strict review procedure to maintain the quality of published manuscripts. Once the author submit manuscript, the editorial assistant evaluates the submission against editorial policy of the Journal and forward to the editor-in-chief for further action. The editor reviews and take action either which is either acceptance for further review or rejection. Submissions that qualify for review will go through a series of review process before publication.

At policy level the journal is guided by an Editorial Board composed of professionals from diverse public health fields and institutions. In addition, the quality of publication are tracked by the Editorial Advisors that constitutes public health celebrities with rich expertise and experience in public health. Routine operation of the Journal runs by editorial team composed of the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Assistant, Journal manager and other administrative staff. The journal has developed list of experienced and highly qualified professional reviewers from the different disciplines of public health.

Currently, the Journal runs fully online. Authors, reviewers and other interested public health professional are expected to register online to be able to visit the website to submit their research work for publication, read about the journal and submission procedures, read published articles from our archives, recommend to other etc. We have guidelines for authors and reviewers as well as privacy policy, which should be consulted should one intends to submit manuscripts or get invitation to review submission. For further information please refer to journal’s policy and guidelines.