Public Catering Establishments in Addis Ababa


  • Getachew Fisseha
  • Yemane Berhane


Abstract: This cross-sectional survey was carried out to assess the sanitary condition of catering establishments in 50 randomly selected Kebeles of Addis Ababa during October to December, 1994. A total of 600 catering establishments were randomly selected for the study, 12 from each Kebele, after a complete census of all catering establishments in the 50 selected Kebeles. Data were collected from 587 establishments, for a response rate of 97.8%. Among those who responded, 559(95.2%) were privately owned out of which 171(30.6%) had no formal license. One hundred and fifty eight (26.9%) of the managers were not literate. High rates of poor repair condition of premises, inadequate sanitary facilities, and improper waste storage and disposal were among the major findings of the study. Regular supervision and education of the managers and workers of catering establishments are recommended, together with strict enforcement of the relevant laws during issuing licenses and renewals, in order to improve the current sanitary condition of catering establishments. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 1999;13(2):127-134]




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Fisseha, G., & Berhane, Y. (2017). Public Catering Establishments in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 13(2). Retrieved from

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