A review of maternal mortality at Jimma Hospital, Southwestern Ethiopia


  • Asheber Gaym


Abstract: A retrospective review of hospital maternal deaths at Jimma Hospital, Southwestern Ethiopia, covering the period from September 1990 to May 1999 was conducted with the objectives of determining the overall maternal mortality rate, observing trend of maternal mortality during the period, and identifying major causes of maternal mortality.  The overall maternal mortality rate for the period was 1965 maternal deaths per 100000 live births ranging from 1636 to 2332 deaths per 100000 live births with an overall trend showing no decrease.  Ruptured uterus (33.2%) was the major cause of death with unsafe abortion responsible for 26.8% of all cases. Overall, hemorrhagic complications of pregnancy,  sepsis and hypertensive disorders were responsible for 94.9% of all maternal deaths.  Analysis of trends of major causes showed deaths due to ruptured uterus to be increasing over the years.  Obstructed labor is found to be directly or indirectly responsible for 45.53% of all maternal deaths mainly affecting the primigravida and the grand multipara (44.9%).  Concentrating on the provision of peripartum care to this subgroup of mothers is suggested as one possible strategy to effect rapid reduction in overall maternal mortality within the foreseeable future. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2000;14(2):215-223]




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