Risk Factors for Hepatitis B Infection among Senior Secondary School Students in a metropolitan city in north- central Nigeria


  • Sunday Adedeji ADERIBIGBE University of Ilorin http://orcid.org/0000-0002-4633-858X
  • David Akinola University of Ilorin
  • Hafsat Abolore Ameen University of Ilorin
  • Simeon Kayode Olubiyi University of Ilorin
  • Biliqis Wuraola Alatishe-Muhammed University of Ilorin
  • Gordon Kayode Osagbemi University of Ilorin


Backgound: Hepatitis B is the most prevalent chronic infectious liver disease worldwide with serious sequelae. This study aims to determine the Risk factors for hepatitis B infection and its determinants among Senior Secondary school students in Ilorin East Local government area of Kwara state, Nigeria. Methods: Multistage sampling technique was used to recruit 424 adolescents into the study. Pretested Interviewer administered semi-structured questionnaires were used for the study. Data were analyzed using STATA version 10.1 software. A p-value of less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results: The major risk factors in the study population were; contact with blood or body fluids (33.7%), family history of previous infection of HBV (30.4%) of the respondents; one sexual partner (16.5%), multiple sexual partners (15.3%) and; ear or body piercing (14.9%). Majority (78.1%) of the respondents had a low risk, while 8.0% had medium risk, only 59 (13.9%) of the respondents had high risk of Hepatitis B virus infection. Significant relationships were found between risk score and school type, gender, family history of the disease mothers’ and fathers’ educational background of the respondents (p<0.05). Conclusion: Risk was low among the respondents. There is a need for a community wide campaign on health risk awareness and perception of HBV.

Author Biographies

Sunday Adedeji ADERIBIGBE, University of Ilorin

Epidemiology And Community Health

David Akinola, University of Ilorin

Epidemiology And Community Health

Hafsat Abolore Ameen, University of Ilorin

Epidemiology And Community Health

Simeon Kayode Olubiyi, University of Ilorin

Dept of Nursing Science

Biliqis Wuraola Alatishe-Muhammed, University of Ilorin

Epidemiology And Community Health

Gordon Kayode Osagbemi, University of Ilorin

Epidemiology And Community Health


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