A survey on leishmaniasis and the leishmanin skin test profile in Lower Awash Valley, northeast Ethiopia



Abstract Background: The prevalence of both visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis in various parts of Ethiopia is evident. Earlier discrete works also give some clue of the circulation of some sort of leishmanial parasites in northeast Ethiopia. This necessitated further work in the area designated as the Lower Awash in northeast Ethiopia. Objectives: The study was undertaken to explore exposure to leishmanial parasites in representative sites in the Lower Awash Valley, northeast Ethiopia. Methods: After an assessment for clinical leishmaniases, a cross-sectional leishmanin skin test was carried out between March 1996 and August 1997 on 789 individuals of whom 767, mostly apparently healthy study participants returned for the reading of the reaction. Results: The rate of positive leishmanin response in the study sites ranged from 19 to 85%, the overall prevalence being about 40%. The difference in leishmanin reaction among the major study localities was found to be statistically significant, the highest (50.8%) was observed in Mile locality with the lowest in Asayta (24.7%). Over 40% of males and a third of the females showed positive response, the gender difference in leishmanin response being significant. The rate of positive leishmanin reaction appeared to increase with age, the increase being more apparent in males. Conclusion: The ascending positive leishmanin reaction rate with age, with a higher prevalence in the indigenous Afars with relative preponderance in males, parallels findings in other endemic areas and reflects the relevance of outdoor exposure to infection. [Ethiop.J.Health Dev. 2004;18(3):159-163]



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Ali , A., Gebre-Michael, T., Mengistu , G., & Balcha 2, F. (2017). A survey on leishmaniasis and the leishmanin skin test profile in Lower Awash Valley, northeast Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 18(3). Retrieved from https://ejhd.org/index.php/ejhd/article/view/692