Tetanus in a rural hospital in Northeast Ethiopia


  • Tilahun Worku
  • Alemayehu Bayou
  • Abraham Aseffa


bstract Tetanus is still a frequent cause of mortality in rural Ethiopia despite the availability of an effective vaccine. An analysis of the medical records of 60 cases of tetanus admitted to Woldiya Hospital (1996 - 2002) indicated a case fatality rate of 36.7%. Over half of the deaths occurred within 3 days of hospitalization. Hospital documentation was poor. No patient received vaccine on discharge. Hospitalization and antenatal visits should be exploited for vaccination purposes. A list of all cases of tetanus seen over the six and a half year- period was prepared from hospital registration files. [Ethiop.J.Health Dev. 2004;18(1):55-56]




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Worku, T., Bayou, A., & Aseffa, A. (2017). Tetanus in a rural hospital in Northeast Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 18(1). Retrieved from https://ejhd.org/index.php/ejhd/article/view/658



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