Ocular Manifestations of HIV/AIDS patients in Gondar University Hospital, north west Ethiopia


  • Yared Assefa
  • Asfawessen G/Yohannes
  • Azanaw Melese


Abstract Background: AIDS is a disease with protean clinical manifestations that leave no organ of its victim unaffected. Ocular involvement in HIV/AIDS cases occurs in about 70% of patients. However, data regarding eye manifestations in HIV/AIDS patients in Ethiopia remain scarce. Objective: To describe the ocular manifestations of HIV/AIDS documented at Gondar University Hospital. Methods: A cross-sectional clinical evaluation of HIV/AIDS patients at Gondar Hospital University was undertaken between Jan and June 2004. Results: One hundred and twenty five adult patients were enrolled in the Hospital from January to June 2004. The majority were males (N=69) and the mean age was 34 (range: 16-80 years). About 90% of the patients were in clinical stages III & IV determined according to the WHO clinical staging method in resource limited areas and 60% of them had at least one ocular manifestation. The ocular manifestations noted included: retinal microvasculopathy (24%), neuro-opthalmic disorders (9.6%), uveitis (7.4%), ophthalmic Herpes Zoster (5.6%), Molluscum contageousum (4.8%), and Conjunctival carcinoma (4%). One patient was found to have bilateral blindness due to CMV retinitis, while unilateral blindness was observed in six patients. Conclusion: The study demonstrates that HIV/AIDS affects the eyes of a significant proportion of patients. It is, hence, recommended that eye care should be a part of the package of medical care in the management of HIV/AIDS patients. [Ethiop.J.Health Dev. 2006;20(3):166-169]




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