Epidemiology of gallstone disease in Gondar University Hospital, as seen in the department of radiology


  • Assefa Getachew


Abstract Back ground: Gallstone disease is a world wide problem and remains to be one of the most common health problems leading to surgical intervention. The magnitude of Gallstone disease in Ethiopia is not well known. Objective: To assess the magnitude of gallbladder stones in Gondar university hospital among patients visiting at the department of radiology for ultrasound examination. Methods: A retrospective observational study design was used over the period of September 2004 to January 2006 at the department of radiology, Gondar university hospital. Patients above the age of 14 years and whose Gallbladder was examined by ultrasound were considered as the study subjects. Results: Among a total of 1603 study subjects, the proportion of patients with cholelithiasis was 5.2%. Of the patients with gallstone disease 55 were females and 28 were males with a ratio of 2:1. The prevalence of cholelithiasis in the age group 35-64 was 7.3%, 10.1% for females and 4.8 % for males. The ratio of symptomatic to asymptomatic cholelithiasis was 1:1 (34/34). The prevalence of cholelithiasis among patients clinically suspected to have cholelithiasis was 27.2%. Of the 68 patients with cholelithiasis, 22.1% had evidences of complication; 5 (7.4%) choledocholithiasis, 3 (4.4%) acute cholecystitis, 4 (5.9%) chronic cholecystitis, 2 with gallbladder (GB) hydrops and one patient with porcelain GB. Conclusion: The prevalence of cholelithiasis (5.2%) in Gondar university hospital suggesting that cholelithiasis is not an uncommon disease in the area. A further community based and multi centered study is recommended to determine the prevalence of gallstone disease in Ethiopia. [Ethiop.J.Health Dev. 2008;22 (2):206-211]




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