Protective effect of breviscapine on septic shock rats


  • Shi Lulu Pharmacy Department, Zhangjiakou First Hospital, Hebei Province, China
  • Wang Qiang Pharmacy Department,The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hebei North University
  • Yun Guoping Pharmacy department,Zhangjiakou First Hospital
  • Shi Zhina Pharmacy department,Xingtai Third Hospital(Xingtai Cardiovascular Hospital)
  • Han Weinan Pharmacy Department,Zhangjiakou First Hospital
  • Xu Ningning Pharmacy department,Zhangjiakou First Hospital
  • Qiao Chunyou Zhangjiakou First Hospital,China



Breviscapine is a derivative of E. breviscapus. This plant medicine has a beneficial effect on the treatment of urinary ischemia. Unlike other types of medications, Breviscapine has antioxidant apoptosis as well as ischemia reperfusion protection for the heart. The study has not yet revealed enough information about this.


The objective of this research is determining the mechanism by which Breviscapine protects against oxidative stress, energy metabolism, and apoptosis in rats having ischemia injury in uterus.

Material and method:

Female rats were divided into three groups: breviscapine-treated and Operated, model groups. Five mg/kg breviscapine was administered for three days to the breviscapine treatment group. At the conclusion of treatment, all groups were compared to the model group; the treatment group's Bcl-2 and bax expression levels were found to be decreased.


The Breviscapine group is 143.45 10.04, 85 13.42, and 108.20 12.9 U/mg. The malondialdehyde level was 1.70 0.2, 3.7 0.21, and 2.1 0.28 nmol/mg. Compared to the group that had surgery, the SOD level rose in the other groups (p 0.05). The SOD activity in the breviscapine groups was higher than in the model group (p 0.05). The malondialdehyde amount was also lower (p 0.051). Among the other treatment groups, there are also changes in other things that happen as well.


Breviscapine reduces Bcl-2 and Bax expression, which can help it control ischemia.



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