Pediatric gynecology: ovarian teratomas in children



Background: Despite teratoma being a usual histological type of embryonic ovarian tumor among juveniles, for this age group, the proper treatment is still unclear. Ovarian teratoma may have a genetic background. The maturity and immaturity of the ovarian teratoma can also be challenging for decision-making in terms of the treatment strategy. Globally the Epidemiological rate of the sacrococcygeal teratoma is about 0.0014 to 0.0033 % among the newborn. Ovarian teratoma is the most common disease. While the malignancy in the germ cell is about 3 among the other cancers, the reported cases about 0.0003, which is gradually increasing daily.
Objective: Ovarian teratoma is still a mystery to the doctors, and the clinician due to lack of information regarding its cause, its proper treatment policy, and lack of family awareness. In this paper we discuss the causative agent, symptoms. treatment and effect of the ovarian teratoma, which will help in future therapy and research to find a possible cure or treatment option?
Material and Methods: The study complies with Arksey and O'Malley's methodological structure. This research utilized the EQUATOR elements and conducted a meta-analysis (PRISMA-ScR). This research utilized reliable scientific methodical data that was available. The data analysis was conducted on the authentic and verified available resources. The following information was gathered from the reviewed articles for this study: What is the focus of the study? What's the topic? Will an ovarian teratoma in children have a special zone? Who is better qualified to test for terratomas? Are the gaps in the research? What fields require more research? Are their explanations in some areas for inadequate research?
Results and Discussions: In 11 regions, we found 23 studies. 18 history, 3 forward-looking studies and 3 experimental studies. There are 6 trials of two groups of tumors, namely mature, 5 immature and 13 trials. More than 50 patients participated in a total of 9 trials. the name of the journal, main author, the place of origin, year of publication, cover, the form of study, population, age group, Research group, objectives, general method overview, most relevant measurement findings and individual research findings was studied.
Conclusion: This research found several information deficits in the database of pediatric ovarian teratoma. This subject, overall, has not been fully researched especially with regards to, this cancer and patient population, which require further research. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2021; 35(3):227-233]
Keywords: Ovarian teratoma, Ovarian neoplasm, Gynecology, Pediatrics



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