COVID 19 response in Ethiopia: Experiences of the National clinical advisory team


  • Woldesenbet Waganew
  • Akilili Azazh
  • Aschalew Worku
  • Berhane Redae
  • Menbeu Sultan
  • Miraf Walelegn
  • Muluwork Tefera
  • Natinael Tssema
  • Rahel Argaw
  • Sisay Teklu
  • Sisay Yifru
  • Yakob Seman
  • Bethlehem Tebebe
  • Abebaw Gebeyahu
  • Lia Tadesse


AbstractBackground: After the first few cases of COVID 19, the Ministry formed a medical expertise group consisting of 12 multi-disciplinary teams on March 18th, 2020, to advise on containing the disease, prevention, and to provide treatment for the affected individuals. The present study describes the experience, input, and challenges faced by the national clinical advisory team during the pandemic response (1).Objective: The aim of this study was to review the experience and contribution of the clinical advisory team in response to COVID 19 in Ethiopia for future related actions.Methods: A qualitative descriptive analysis of clinical advisory team contributions for pandemic control.Finding: The multi-disciplinary team was formed by the Minister to provide a high-level advisory role, develop different protocols, guidelines, recommendations, and clinical formats, and for the involvement in the establishment of quarantine, isolation, and treatment centers.The team provided mentorship in all regions and city administrations of the country on the site and virtually. Advisory team analysis and interpretation of timely evidence had a positive contribution to pandemic response, and it made the policymakers' decision evidence based. During the stay, the team had closely worked with multiple agencies, institutions, and associations.Avoiding role confusion, having clear coordination and communication in an emergency can result in avoidance of duplication of effort and rapid early implementation of response measures.Conclusions: The contribution of the team has created a great opportunity by providing scientific guides and recommendations for policymakers, clinicians, and health facility leaders. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2021: 35(SI-4):00-00]Keywords: COVID 19, Clinical advisory team, pandemic.




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Woldesenbet Waganew, Akilili Azazh, Aschalew Worku, Berhane Redae, Menbeu Sultan, Miraf Walelegn, Muluwork Tefera, Natinael Tssema, Rahel Argaw, Sisay Teklu, Sisay Yifru, Yakob Seman, Bethlehem Tebebe, Abebaw Gebeyahu, & Lia Tadesse. (2021). COVID 19 response in Ethiopia: Experiences of the National clinical advisory team. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 35(4). Retrieved from



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