Letter to the Editor


  • Filip MIRIĆ


I am writing this letter to highlight the quality of life among people with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia. The quality of life of people with disabilities depends on diverse but interconnected factors. We did a quick social media-based survey targeting those with some form of disability to identify the attitudes of people with disabilities towards medical care. Online response from as few as 23 people with disability reveals that fear to talk about the weaknesses of medical care system is outstanding. There is gross dissatisfaction with the quality of medical care provided to those with disabilities. Three-quarters of those who responded said the quality of medical care among people with disabilities argue this is bad or very bad. This calls for close attention to improve medical care for people with disabilities in Serbia.

The legal position of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia has improved remarkably with legislative provisions and continued activism by numerous associations and organizations for persons with disabilities. Consequently, people with disabilities have become "more visible" and public institutions are dealing with disability concerns. Nonetheless, concern over the quality of medical care among people with disabilities remains a major issue. 



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Letter to the Editor