The effect of CAM comprehensive nursing intervention on improvement of quality of life to patients with breast cancer and gynecological tumour


  • Liu Jianrong
  • Zhao Haiyan Emergency Resuscitation Room, Tangshan Gongren Hospital, Tangshan City, Hebei Province


Background: Breast Cancer in females, being the most dreadful and appalling disease of all the other life-threatening diseases in India and the world with other gynaecological cancers, demands extensive care and proper medications to control its growth progressively. In addition to the conventional care to the patients, CAM or Complementary and Alternative Medicine is manoeuvred in a controlled way through proper guidance and counselling to obtain better physical and mental health for the patients.

Objective: The aim is to study and assess the effectiveness of CAM comprehensive nursing intervention towards the betterment of the patients who have breast cancer and gynaecological tumours.

Methods: Use of statistical data to map the adult women diagnosed with breast and gynaecological cancer and starting new chemotherapy treatment. .  A total of 450 patients from different states of East India were undertaken over a four-year period. The patients were distinguished based on their preference for undergoing CAM. The research was based on a cross-sectional anonymous self-administered questionnaire to examine women’s perspective towards the use of CAM and its effect on their minds and physical health.

Results: 42% of the accounted women preferably used CAM as their alternative treatment. Breast Cancer patients disclosed that 48.1% of them used CAM, and women with gynaecological cancers stated that 39% of them chose CAM. The results further indicated a less frequent deterioration health status of CAM users(38.4%) than non-users (55%). Among vitamins and nutritional diets, 60% of the participants reported using proper diet, which includes antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and herbs etc. 37% opted for spiritual healing through yoga, 26% energy healing, 42.4% acupuncture, 72% massage and 23% chiropractic methods. CAM was largely seen in the patients with proper education and awareness and those with a family history of Cancer and being repelled by their previous primary physician.

Conclusion: CAM still needs extensive research in its applicative part to successfully launch its programme worldwide and eradicate all the other false notions about it.



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