Endoscopic versus trans-axillary thoracic sympathectomy for primary axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis and/or facial blushing


  • Pang Xinqin
  • Yang Fengxia
  • Shi Dongsheng Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huangdao District Hospital


Background: Thoracic sympathectomy is useful in the treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis and primary axillary and facial blushing. These can be problematic and also affect the patients' societal and work life. Since hampers the patients' social and professional life it should gain the attention of public health. Therefore, effective treatment is necessary to cure this complication.

Objective: In this research work we establish the trans-axillary thoracic sympathectomy as the effective way out for palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing.

Materials and method: Between the years of 2014 to April 2020, about 50 thoracic sympathectomies performed among which 10 surgical treatment on the 5 patients and the rest of the 40 were endoscopic treatment performed on the 23 patients. Operation done unilateral way, after 8 weeks of post-operation is a contra-lateral intervention. T2 to T5 thoracic ganglia were resected due to hyperhidrosis. According to the patients suffering from the blushing condition, the lower 1/3 satellite ganglionectomy was done.

Result: All the operated limbs are dry and warm. The patients have bilateral surgery, one had permanent facial blushing. The efficiency for blushing in this series was 93.3%.

The sympathetic activity relapse rate was 14.3%. In the case of 67% of patients compensatory sweating, while gustatory sweating was found in the 37.5% and 29% patients found phantom sweating.

Discussion: There are no patients were considered these side effects troublesome. Though there is no difference in the efficiency between the endoscopic intervention and tarns-axillary thoracic sympathectomy.  The endoscopic efficiency is linked with the short hospital stay period, less pain, and fast recovery.

Conclusion: The thoracic sympathectomy is the better choice for the treatment of excessive facial blushing and primary Hyperhidrosis.



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