Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine users and prescription analysis for pediatric atopic dermatitis


  • Zhang Yi
  • Liu Yongkun
  • Wang Shuang


AbstractBackground: Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat children with atopic dermatitis. This research study reviewed patients with atopic dermatitis, recorded in Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database, to investigate the characteristics and prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) so as to propose the use of TCM for a broader societal application. Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the application mode of TCM in children with atopic dermatitis, specifically the combination of Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) used. Methods: The database reported atopic dermatitis-diagnosed children aged 5 to 12. TCM users documented data relate to age, diagnostic code, residence area and the use of corticosteroids. An analysis of the medications used for atopic dermatitis was achieved through a review of examining the association of various factors. Results: A total of 13,646 children with atopic dermatitis, and treated using TCM, were sampled from different area of Taiwan. The use of TCM is associated with use by women (male: OR 0.83), adolescence (OR: 10.0, 95% CI: 8.88-11.15) and allergic rhinitis (OR: 2.44; 95 % CI: 2.10-2.85). Fewer TCM users than non-users receive corticosteroid therapy (35.8% of all users receive TCM). Still, the percentage of TCM users who use long-lasting corticosteroid therapy is greater than TCM non-users (10.6% of TCM users and 2.0% of TCM non-users). In total, 36,398 CHM prescriptions were used by 93.7% of Chinese medicine users. There was a total of 5.62 types CHM types used. Relationships between the Chinese herbal medicine forms network, where Xiao fengsan is the primary treatment for atopic dermatitis. Conclusions: The article describes features of children with atopic dermatitis who are treated with Chinese medicine. Xiao fengsan is the most common CHM used to treat atopic dermatitis in children. Further research on the safety and efficiency of this treatment is still required. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2020; 34(4):253-261] Key words: Traditional Chinese medicine, atopic dermatitis, paediatrics, Chinese herbal medicine




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