The effect of perception of a successful retired life and attitude towards retirement on retirement plans among nursing managers in clinics



Background: The concept of successful aging is comprehensive, and the meaning the concept is vague, thus the consensus thereof is yet to be clarified. And the quality of elderly-age life is dependent on provisions prepared before reaching elderly age. In this line, the purpose of this study was to identify the effect of perception of successful retired life and the attitude toward retirement regarding nursing managers’ retirement plans to assure a stable retired life for nurses.

Methods and tools: Employing a structured questionnaire used for a previously conducted study, data were collected in December 2018 to February 2019 from nursing managers working at four high-class general hospitals. The appropriate sample size was calculated using the G*Power program. Questionnaires were distributed to 157 subjects; a total of 141 copies were examined for the analysis of perceptions of a successful retired life and attitudes towards retirement on retirement plans, by conducting a t-test, variance analysis, Pearson’s correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis.

Results: Academic background and marital status showed insignificant differences in terms of the degree of perception of successful retirement, attitudes toward retirement, and provisions for retirement. The nursing managers age 50s-60s have positive attitudes toward respective times of retiree life comprising overall provisions including economic and physical as well than nursing managers of age 40 and under 44 , whereas the nursing managers of careers in nursing older than age 30 years and above prefer to focus on economic provisions.

.Nursing managers with careers in nursing of more than 10 years exhibited more positive attitudes toward retirement than nursing managers with careers of less than five years. The perception of a successful retired life (β =.171, p<.05) and attitude towards retirement (β =.265, p<.01) exhibited a positive effect on nursing managers’ retirement plans.

Conclusions: The results of this study are expected to be used as basic data for raising awareness among nurses of the importance of establishing stable retirement plans. Older nursing managers in the clinics, who exhibited better provisions against respective retirement in accordance with extended careers correspondingly, were attributed to their positions in the stage of each life ahead of retirement wherein they focused on preparing provisions against times after retirement with their children who had mostly graduated from mandatory courses of education. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2020;34(Special issue-3):03-09]

Key words: Attitude, nursing manager, perception, preparation, retirement



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