Developing core competencies for the public health workforce in Ethiopia: The way forward


  • Yayehyirad Kitaw
  • Makonnen Assefa
  • Tesfaye Bulto
  • Mirgissa Kaba
  • Tegbar Yigzaw
  • Solomon Worku


Background: Preparing the public health workforce for the 21st century is a formidable task as public health professionals are expected to address the myriad of political and economic development challenges in the context of limited resources. In spite of achieving most MDGs, the Ethiopian ‘health system’ continues to face complex and daunting tasks. Method: Available studies that outlined requirements for competent, motivated and empowered workforce in a rapidly evolving global order were reviewed and synthesized without following a formal review procedure. Result: Although it is not easy, in view of available evidences, this synthesis provided the Way Forward to ascertain competencies of public workforce in Ethiopia. Specific details on adopting and sharing competencies; promoting the development of a philosophy and definition of public health; promoting the development of a public health workforce taxonomy; promoting research to inform the design and implementation of reforms; curriculum development; learning materials development; strengthening continuing professional development (CPD); monitoring and evaluation; and setting up a follow-up mechanism for the long-term were defined. Conclusion: This synthesis has suggested clear guidance on how and who may have to track, adopt, share and updates public health core competencies in Ethiopia. [Ethiop.J. Health Dev. 2020;34(Special issue 1):25-33]




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Kitaw, Y., Assefa, M., Bulto, T., Kaba, M., Yigzaw, T., & Worku, S. (2020). Developing core competencies for the public health workforce in Ethiopia: The way forward. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 34(1). Retrieved from

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