AIDS and college students in Addis Ababa: A study of knowledge, attitude and behavior


  • Beyene Petros
  • Solomon Belayneh
  • Yared Mekonnen


Abstract: To assess the knowledge, attitude and behavior of college students towards acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), 1214 students from six colleges in Addis Ababa were interviewed by means of a questionnaire. The results indicated that, although college students in general are well informed about AIDS, there are gaps in their knowledge of some vital information. A relatively low level of awareness about some vital information about the risk factors and the modes of transmission of AIDS was revealed by the study. Similarly, poor attitude and practice towards protection from AIDS was also documented. However, their attitude towards the disease and their protective behaviors did not match the relatively high level of knowledge they have about the disease. Sex, religion, or being in one faculty or another did not show significant difference. But, knowledge about AIDS was found to increase with age. The results of this study were almost similar to the studies conducted on college students of other countries. Four hundred seventy four (39%) students considered themselves as a high risk group and 219 (18%) believed that AIDS is not their problem. More than 315 (30%) admitted that they have one or more lovers and the highest proportion 802 (66%), reported that they did not use condom at all. Radio and television, followed by the print media were the students' best sources of information on AIDS. It is concluded that although college students would have a relatively better access to information on AIDS, compared to the general population, this does not seem to have brought about the necessary behavioral changes required for protection against AIDS. Therefore, the need for offering a more focused AIDS education to college students, much more than what is being currently done through general public information, is justifiable. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 1997;11(2):115-123]




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Petros, B., Belayneh, S., & Mekonnen, Y. (2017). AIDS and college students in Addis Ababa: A study of knowledge, attitude and behavior. The Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 11(2). Retrieved from

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